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opexxia stands for operational excellence in action and is an implementation- and consulting agency for complex operational projects in the retail backend sector. We define operational excellence as a zero-error state in the field of operational workflows, organisations, processes, interfaces and systems (WOPIS*). Our customers love and live for their physical products – so do we!

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What drives us

At opexxia, we believe in the simplicity, profitability and operational controllability of trading in a complex environment.

We are convinced that controllability of complexity is the success factor in retail. We have a solid line-up which interacts effortlessly to counter the increasingly fragmented environmental influences which play. We see ourselves as an operational playmaker and enable our customers to implement precisely this operational excellence on their own terms.

Our goal is simple, sustainable, resilient and understandable operational structures (WOPIS*), which allow employees to deliver the best for players in the other positions and to fulfill the expected performance of the consumer.

We rise to the challenge.

Let’s roll up our sleeves: complex issues must be disentangled and the right moves must be put into practice with expertise.

We ask questions.

Rethinking processes and leaving the beaten path – we ask critical and controversial questions – until everyone is on the same path.

We are independent.

Which solution is the right one depends on the business model, plans for the future and the people involved. We act independently in terms of solutions, that’s very important to us.

We work in partnerships.

Where we play, there is a high probability of change. In order for everyone to follow this path, we accompany each individual on an equal footing.

We think in networks.

Commercial playing fields are complicated. Anyone who wants to master them successfully should cooperate. That’s why we cultivate regular contacts with our international network and bring the right minds together.


What we can do

An increasingly complex environment makes us simplify content. We have the stamina to break down complexity into simple structures and make it transparent. We achieve this with clear focus, discipline and staying power.Our strengths lie primarily in our ability to take on challenges pragmatically and with total dedication, helped by our strategic experience, our empathy and our cheerfulness.

We change existing infrastructures.

To make the smooth back-end engine room a basis for pofitability, we optimise WOPIS* towards operational excellence.

We create new structures.

By rebuilding WOPIS* according to the principle of operational excellence, we are realising the best experiences for all stakeholders.

We enable organisations.

Together with our client teams we create environments that unlock the full potential of all talent and increase intrinsic motivation.

We bring the right people together.

We think in networks and connect people and organisations. We don’t fight the battle for talent, we bring attitudes together.


Our players – WOPIS*


Workflows as individual subtasks for entire processes – who does what and why.


Organisation and corporate structure – establish clear pitch boundaries.


Entrepreneurial, holistic processes – end-to-end thinking.


Interfaces between systems or organisational units – create new ratios.


IT systems – set up suitable technology.

Quality demand on these 5 backend players is the path to long-term success, because: the manageability of complexity is put into focus. The whole team will be much happier if clarity and transparency can be established. Keeping a clear overview of an increasingly complex playing field is the competitive advantage of today and the profitability of tomorrow.
We are certain that these claims will result in side effects such as sales increases or cost optimisation. The goal of the zero error state in the transactional backend is our incentive. In our work, we always look at WOPIS* in a holistic way. Operational implementation can then focus on one or more players.


opexxia in action

We love to make procedures, systems and processes a bit easier every day, creating space for new things. To achieve this, we live operational excellence – through discipline, doing and learning. Here we have created a small overview of our customers, we would be happy to tell you in person what exactly we have done for them:


Creation of international eCommerce backend structures for EU, US, Japan and China in Order2Cash and Purchase2Pay.

To the case study

Birkenstock Cosmetics

Holistic creation of a new division in the natural cosmetics sector.

To the case study

Keller Sports

  • Project management: Introduction of a new division (Keller X)
  • Support for organisational issues
  • WOPIS analysis as preparation for backend optimisation
  • Support for targeted project work (PMO structures)


  • Ongoing sparring partner for complex operational infrastructure issues
  • WOPIS analysis as preparation for backend optimisation
  • Project management: Renewal of merchandise management and logistics

Cadooz Rewards

  • Optimisation of outsourced logistics processes
  • Optimisation of interfaces and systems for logistics providers


  • Healthcheck WOPIS within German eCommerce
  • Business Case eCommerce
  • Optimisation WOPIS in eCommerce


  • As is analysis e-commerce infrastructure
  • WOPIS analysis for e-commerce
  • Interim management operations in e-commerce


  • Business Case for Market Entry Strategy Europe for B2B/B2C Business
  • Developing a target-infrastructure for processes and systems for e-commerce in Europe
  • Defining operational requirements for a retail business in Europe


  • Developing a new organisational strategy for a consumer-driven organisation
  • Developing new forecast- and report models for B2C business and transfer them into regular routines in the team
  • Broad operational support within Category Management, Operations, holistic E-Commerce


  • Preparation of tender documents for returns outsourcing
  • Execution of tender incl. decision template for service provider selection
  • Project support during the integration of the selected service provider, up to the operational stage


  • Projectmanagement for warehouse movement
  • Manage relevant stakeholder
  • Documentation of core-proccesses

Outletcity Metzingen

  • Deep dive Purchase2Online value stream
  • Identifying Field of Optimization
  • Moderation of a Workshop with all parties involved

Bergzeit is a fast growing e-commerce company with complex operational questions. Bergzeit aims on getting fast and professional answers to these questions. The demand on speed combined with the complexity of the business is a sensitive trade off where opexxia was helping us with a bunch of experience, clear execution focus and critical questioning. For me the open and honest communication, which implies that all problems and challenges can be named openly and enforces the atmosphere on working on solutions, have been the major assets of opexxia and their team.

(Deutsch) Markus Zabel COO Bergzeit GmbH

I enjoy working with opexxia. The entrepreneurial approach of the two founders with their broad operational experience is just right. Thinking outside the box, speaking uncomfortable truths and consciously allowing controversy are the right ingredients to achieve successful results. The way there is not always easy and you have to leave your comfort zone, but the result is always worth the effort. The high standard of one’s own work and the direct exchange at eye level round off the picture for me personally.

(Deutsch) Tim Steffens HABA FF

We asked opexxia a very big question in a very short time-window. We needed to know concretely how under various scenarios our e-commerce costs impact all operational fields and processes, specifically for our products and services, and how our future earning scenarios look like. Silvia & Dörte sliced the question up and pieced the puzzle together, delivered like no one else can!

Mei Xu Managing Director, PAONA Europe GmbH

The enhancement of the digital business is one of our core strategies here at Bogner. With relevant and broad experience opexxia is accompanying us and discovers relevant optimisation approaches. I do really appreciate the reliable, honest and open collaboration with the team from opexxia and of course the pragmatic way of actions they realise by heart.

Ben Messner Director e-commerce, Bogner

Our patients and partners do expect digital solutions from us and opexxia is attending us within the establishment of a state-of-the-art eCommerce Infrastructure. opexxia is doing that with a high level of competence. Especially the relevant experiences and capabilities of opexxia are most valuable to me, as well as their empathy to translate everything into our business. The clear and transparent communication does make the cooperation human and efficient in parallel.

Katrin Pucknat Chief Executive Officer, ResMed Germany

opexxia supports us with very relevant experience in scaling our operational activities. I particularly appreciate the open, quite controversial, but always solution-oriented cooperation. opexxia puts the subject matter front and centre and I think that’s particularly good.

Marcus Trute Geschäftsführer & COO, Keller Sports GmbH

opexxia supports us at eye level with our growth. I am particularly impressed by their entrepreneurial way of thinking and their empathy for our business model. opexxia is always on the ball and combines pragmatism with intellect.

Christoph Behn Advisory Board & Founder, die kartenmacherei

We work very efficiently at cadooz and run our growing business with a small team. By focusing on pragmatism and holistic thinking, the colleagues from opexxia are a suitable partner for us. I especially appreciate the real hands-on mentality!

Robert Schneider Director Sales and Operations, cadooz rewards

For more than 2 years, opexxia has supported us in the development and expansion of further sales channels, product divisions and optimisation of existing structures. Most of all I value the pragmatic, honest and purposeful work of the colleagues. It’s not just talking, it’s doing!

Oliver Reichert CEO Birkenstock Group

The Team

Dörte Kaschdailis

Founder opexxia

“Thinking in possibilities, not obstacles”, is the maxim of our co-founder, Dörte Kaschdailis. A native of northern Germany, she boasts more than 10 years of experience in operations in a digital trading environment and has a passion for initiating new ideas. As a creative process designer who does not hesitate to bring unpleasant truths to the table, she conceives resilient solutions with much attention to detail and then implements them with gusto.

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Silvia Erika Sommer

Founder opexxia

“Preparing is better than reworking, it helps to think ahead” is the motto of our co-founder Silvia Sommer-Tsimpoulis. A native of Austria, she boasts more than 10 years of experience in strategy consulting and operational implementation and has a passion for new challenges. As a structured, rational analyst who uses her high capacity for empathy to bring people to the table, she questions approaches to solutions both strategically and operationally.

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